Case: Hoover

28. March 2024/by W_kinski

2.5 million views with 1 video: Long-term effect of influencer marketing – Case

10. March 2024/by W_kinski

Sponsoring agency: 10 typical tasks for our clients – Event & Live Marketing

4. February 2024/by W_kinski

Roadshow: launch parties or influencer events – planning & agency tips

19. December 2023/by W_kinski

Launch party: Our 9 tips for your influencer event

19. December 2023/by W_kinski

How much does an influencer cost? Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Co.

19. December 2023/by W_kinski

Cost per lead (CPL) explained in marketing + free 🔢 calculator

5. December 2023/by Svenja

Case: Mercedes G-Class

21. November 2023/by W_kinski

Zaraamaria: Influencer, Lifestyle, Basic Fashion & Outfits Of The Day

11. November 2023/by q

TikTok Shop: Marketing, product, reach – Create now and benefit from the first mover advantage!

9. November 2023/by W_kinski

Return on Investment (ROI) in marketing explained + free 🔢 calculator

5. November 2023/by W_kinski

Recruiting campaign: Advertising on TikTok, LinkedIn, Google & Co.

22. October 2023/by W_kinski

Google Ads: Data-based advertisements on Google

19. October 2023/by W_kinski

Sanny Kaur in interview: Self-confidence, motivation & making dreams come true

7. August 2023/by q

Sanny Kaur: Indian culture, strong community, lifestyle & beauty

6. August 2023/by q

Jérôme Mathew: Lifestyle Influencer, Travel, Fashion & Fitness Content

6. August 2023/by q

JuIia Steinle: Influencer, glider pilot & photography – she flies her own way!

6. August 2023/by q

Maribel Lorberg: Influencer, Model, Fitness, Fashion & Body Positivity

6. August 2023/by q

Kim Lianne: Fitness, Beauty Hacks & Comedy Content – Influencer with Humor

6. August 2023/by q

Chris Koch: Video Creator, TikTok Star & MasterClass Events

6. August 2023/by q



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