Maribel Lorberg: Influencer, Model, Fitness, Fashion & Body Positivity

Maribel Lorberg – From fitness content to fashion tips to an exciting podcast, Maribel is a true all-rounder who motivates her followers to be their best and live a full life. Learn more about her fitness routines, her individual fashion style, her in-depth conversations and her take on body positivity. Think Maribel is a perfect fit for your brand and you’re up for a collaboration? You can get in touch with us here: Contact.

About Maribel Lorberg: Inspiring Fitness Enthusiast and Fashion Icon

Maribel Lorberg is an inspirational personality who has made a name for herself on various social media platforms. With her focus on fitness content, she motivates her followers to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Maribel regularly shares her personal workout routines, fitness tips, and nutrition recommendations to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Besides fitness, Maribel is also known for her fashion content. She presents daily outfits of the day and shows her followers how to create fashionable looks with their individual style. Her fashion sense and flair for trends make her a source of inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts. Besides her work as an influencer, Maribel loves to travel and enjoys taking her community on her adventures. She shares stunning pictures and impressions from her travels and encourages her followers to discover new places and leave their comfort zone.

Gossip, Gossip, and Deep Talk in their podcast “Besties Bathroom”.

In addition, Maribel runs her own podcast called “Besties Bathroom” together with influencer Julia Schwab. In this podcast, they share weekly updates from their lives, spice up the conversation with spicy gossip, and have in-depth conversations about topics like mindset, self-care, love, and career. Through their podcast, they aim to encourage their listeners to pursue their dreams, love themselves, and live a fulfilling life.

Body Positivity & Authenticity on Social Media: Maribel makes her mark!

Body positivity is another important topic that Maribel covers on her social media accounts. She shows her followers that the body can vary depending on the pose, time of day and other factors. By doing so, she wants to make it clear that Instagram doesn’t always reflect reality and that it’s completely normal to have a “little belly” sometimes. Maribel encourages her community to accept themselves as they are and to develop a positive body image.

Additionally, Maribel actively campaigns against the widespread use of filters and educates her community about their often unnoticed use. She wants to raise awareness that the images we see online do not always correspond to true reality and that authenticity and genuineness are important.

Multifaceted: Also as a model in front of the camera

Thanks to her versatile talent, Maribel also works as a model and shows her multifaceted personality in front of the camera. She embodies beauty, style and confidence and inspires others to follow their own path.

Maribel Lorberg: Mentor for a fulfilling life

Maribel Lorberg is an influential personality who has built a strong community with her fitness content, fashion content, her podcast “Besties Bathroom”, her take on body positivity and her authentic presence on social media. She is a source of inspiration and encouragement for her followers to live a full life and love themselves.

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