Google Ads: Data-based advertisements on Google

Data-based ads on Google – In addition to social media, which we show and explain a lot about here, Google is also apowerful platform for data-based ads, especially for attracting customers, but also for attracting more applicants. A little insight into the advantages of Google Ads.

How do data-based ads work on Google?

This is how data-based ads work on Google, for personnel recruiting, but also for your online store.

Search engine advertising – Google Ad Advantage 1

Google Ads allows you to place ads that are displayed for relevant search queries. This means that your ads appear exactly when potential candidates are actively searching for jobs.

Keyword targeting – Google Ad Advantage 2

You can select keywords that are related to the positions you offer or the industry. When someone searches for these keywords, your ads will be displayed.

Geographic targeting – Google Ad Advantage 3

You can define the geographical area in which your ads should be displayed to target local candidates.

Advantages of data-based ads on Google

These are the advantages of data-based ads on Google.

  1. High relevance in target groups
  2. Measurability in real time
  3. Flexibility of the campaigns

High relevance in target groups

Your ads will only be shown to people who are actively looking for jobs or searching for relevant topics

Measurability in real time

You can precisely track the success of your campaign and analyze performance in real time

Flexibility of the campaigns

You have control over your budget and can adjust the campaign at any time.

Recruiting campaign: Finding good employees

Finding qualified personnel can be a real challenge, especially in times of a highly competitive job market. You probably know this: traditional methods such as job advertisements in newspapers or on job portals can be helpful, but often have a high wastage rate and don’t always reach the target group you really want to address. Learn here how you can work in a targeted manner:

  • Create a recruiting campaign