Sponsoring agency: 10 typical tasks for our clients – Event & Live Marketing

Sponsoring agency – Are you looking for the right sponsorship or the right sponsoring agency? Hello! Today we want to give you a little insight into our work as an agency, from market analysis for our clients to the right event, partnerships and creative input. Whether it’s an influencer event, launch party or roadshow, we’ll find the right partners for you.

What do we do as a sponsoring agency?

Here are 10 typical agency tasks that we do for you!

Task Explanation
Market analysis Investigation of trends and events.
Target group research Identification of the relevant target group.
Event selection Selection of suitable events.
Close partnerships Search for cooperation partners.
Conduct negotiations Negotiating contracts and conditions.
Logistics and planning Organization of details such as transport and stand.
Creative activities Development of creative event ideas.
Promotion and marketing Planning of marketing campaigns.
Monitoring and analysis Monitoring of event success and analysis.
Budget management Efficient management of the budget.

Let’s take a closer look at all 10 tasks, we’ll do it for you and your brand!

1. market analysis: clearly define objectives

Our agency begins the event sponsorship process with a comprehensive market analysis. We examine the current market and identify relevant trends and potential events that could be a perfect fit for your brand. This analysis forms the basis for an informed decision when selecting an event.

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2. target group research: reach / sales optimization

We take a close look at your target group and conduct thorough research to understand their specific needs and interests. By segmenting the target group, we ensure that the selected events have a close connection to your potential customer base and appeal to the right people. Our focus is always performance, we don’t just think in terms of reach, but also always in terms of leads(conversion).

3. event selection: Suitable for the target group

Based on the results of our market analysis and target group research, we carefully select the right events for your brand. We take into account your goals, the right target group and your budget to ensure that the selected events fit your needs perfectly and achieve maximum impact.

4. entering into partnerships: selection

We go beyond mere event selection and actively look for potential cooperation partners. These partnerships can include influencers, sponsors or event organizers, depending on what best suits your brand. These strategic partnerships help maximize your brand’s reach and exposure.

5. conducting negotiations: Communication

Our experts are experienced in negotiations and will stand up for your interests. We negotiate contracts and conditions with event organizers and partners to ensure that you get the best conditions for your brand. We make sure that your brand is optimally represented and that all the necessary resources are available.

6 Logistics and planning: All in One

We take care of all the organizational details, from planning transport and accommodation to stand design. Our aim is to ensure that you are represented at the events in the best possible way and that your presence runs smoothly. On-time logistics are essential for individual events, but the logistical work is even more crucial for roadshows in several cities.

7. creative activities

Our creative teams develop tailor-made ideas and activities that highlight your brand at the event. We design unique brand experiences that capture the attention of participants and leave a lasting impression. For example, for one of the big insurance companies we integrated tennis, on a rooftop. Playing with a tennis world champion at a height of 80 meters – a unique experience for tennis fans, sports fans and people who should be reached with the campaign. To be seen in our agency cases.

8. promotion and marketing

We plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns to promote the event in advance and raise the expectations of the target audience. This includes social media strategies, email marketing and other proven marketing techniques.

9. monitoring and analysis

We monitor the success of the sponsorship and partnerships during and after the events. Our analysis (reporting) provides valuable insights that can be used for future strategies to ensure your brand achieves long-term success.

10. budget management

We manage your budget carefully and efficiently to ensure you get maximum results from your event sponsorships. Our transparent budget planning and monitoring ensure that no resources are wasted and that every investment delivers a positive ROI.

Your event sponsorship with CM

If you would like to find out more about how event sponsorship can take your brand to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our social media agency specializes in event marketing and will be happy to help you find the perfect event for your brand and build successful partnerships. Let’s work together to increase your brand awareness and realize your company’s full potential. Event sponsorship is the way to a successful future!