Sanny Kaur in interview: Self-confidence, motivation & making dreams come true

Today we have the honor of interviewing Sanny Kaur, a confident young woman who has been creating content for social media for over 10 years. Sanny started her journey as a YouTuber and is now also active on Instagram and TikTok. Her channel offers much more than just beauty and fashion tips. Sanny shares with her community her interests, her challenges and experiences from her life. Her goal is to inspire, motivate and spread good vibes. Besides makeup and outfit tips, she shares a lot about traveling, Indian recipes and currently even an exciting special project – be curious! You can also find Sanny us at the agency! Check it out here: CMxCeator.

Who is Sanny Kaur?

FIV: Maybe you can introduce yourself very briefly in your own words, so that our readers can get an impression of you. Who are you and what makes your channel?

Sanny: I’m Sanny Kaur. 27 years old and have been making content for social media for over 10 years. Back then my journey started with YouTube, now you can also find me on Instagram & TikTok. I share my interest, struggles or even learnings in life with my community. With me there is much more than just beauty and fashion. My content should inspire, motivate and put you in a good mood. In addition to many make-up and outfit tips, I post a lot about traveling, Indian recipes and currently also very topical: our house construction! It never gets boring!

Self-awareness: Turning Points and Being an Influencer

FIV: What experiences or obstacles have contributed to you being the confident young woman you are today? Were there any particular turning points in your life?
Sanny: There were many turning points. And my self-confidence wasn’t that strong from the start. It’s a journey – sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. For me, the saying “fall seven times, stand up eight” was one of the greatest motivational sayings ever. My own strength to build myself back up saved my life. Many things happened that could have broken me. But that’s what I want to teach others. To strengthen your mindset, your inner attitude so specifically that nothing can happen to you. It has a lot to do with deciding how you react to things and how you make the best of it.

FIV: To what extent has being an influencer had an impact?

Sanny: As an influencer, it’s hard to build a bridge between private and public. You want to tell without telling too much private. You want to talk about experiences without receiving pity or being misunderstood. I always want my profile to be a happy place and I also want to be able to talk about real things. But this is also something that has helped me a lot. To heal myself, I have helped others and that in turn has helped me.

Criticism from others: Always bring it on!

FIV: How does criticism affect your self-confidence? Do you let it get to you quickly or do you see it more as something positive?

Sanny: I love criticism! I have no problem reflecting on my behavior and I am the person who is very sympathetic to opinions and views. It wasn’t always like that, but as an influencer you have to be prepared for that kind of stuff. And not only in this profession, but in so many fields of work and also in private life.

The influence of role models on Sanny’s self-confidence

FIV: Are there certain personalities or role models that have helped you to strengthen your self-confidence?

Sanny: I’ve always had a few role models at times, from pop stars to influencers. It’s helped me keep some sort of common thread for life. Questions about “Where do I want to go?” “What do I want to achieve, too?” were better answered as a result. I totally love the influencers Sazan and also Andy Frisella. His podcasts help me Daily and are such a support in life.

Hater comments on social media: What’s the best way to deal with them?

FIV: How do you manage not to let negative comments or even hater comments get to your self-confidence?

Sanny: I know that haters are usually just jealous. And I firmly believe that happy people would not hate anyone. These people are currently struggling with themselves and taking out their frustration on me. This is not my frustration, not my problem. I only hope that these people will become happy. But they can’t touch my self-confidence.

Always motivated: A key to success

FIV: What personal strategies or techniques do you use to motivate yourself when you face challenges? Do you and your husband have ways to give each other motivation?

Sanny: No matter how stressed we are, we always try to make the best of the situation. When I know I’m stressed, I try to find solutions to eliminate just that. After all, I know where the problem is and I try to solve it accordingly. But when I don’t know what to do, it helps me a lot to talk to my husband. He sees things from a different angle. We are always very honest with each other. And these are also building blocks in our marriage that are good for both of us. When the other person needs motivation, we try our best. No matter if it’s a walk, a ride to the house for example or anything else, we always find a solution together.

Positive mindset: routines, nutrition, media consumption

FIV: How do you maintain a positive mindset? Are there routines or certain things you do that help you maintain a positive mindset?

Sanny: I pay very close attention to my surroundings. I’d rather be alone than with negative people. I’ve always been like that and it does so much good. You can’t thrive where the air is polluted. Things like routines, fitness and healthy eating also play a big part in positivity. You are what you eat. That’s really the way it is. What also helps me is paying attention to what I consume. I don’t watch mindless videos, listen to sad music or watch trash TV. I try to give my thoughts positive and uplifting content. I super enjoy listening to podcasts. Pay attention to what you eat, what you watch and who you’re with. That’s all.

A healthy work-life balance: Sanny tells us how!

FIV: What is your attitude towards productivity? Do you have to constantly check off tasks and achieve goals in order to be productive, or can you just lie lazy on the couch?

Sanny: To achieve something, you have to work. There are always things that need to be done. And I think to achieve something extraordinary, you have to do extraordinary things. To be better than XY, you have to do something different than XY. What you do and give, you get. Of course, I’m not hustling every day either. But I have fixed working hours when I perform. My goal is to have a productive day every day. That way, I’m always getting a little closer to my goals. But once the day’s work is done, I also treat myself to my day off. A healthy work-life balance is really everything.

“Think big”: Theme of goal setting and dreams

FIV: Goal setting – a big topic. How do you personally formulate your goals? Do you set annual goals or do you always set smaller short-term milestones? Tell us!

Sanny: I have rather big goals. But no big goal comes alone. There are so many mini-steps that are also part of goals for me. I phrase it this way: what happens when I’m gone tomorrow or next week? What will I miss? What experiences do I want to have? What do I wish for from the bottom of my heart? What would make me infinitely happy?

It’s so important to get to know yourself. Once you know what you want, everything really happens for you to go in that direction. But before that, you have to decide it. That’s usually the part that takes the longest. But you have to dream big.

Future outlook: The great project Dhillon!

FIV: Finally, a look into the future. Are there any new exciting projects on your agenda for the future and would you like to tell us about them?

Sanny: The house Dhillon! We bought our first house together earlier this year. I am endlessly excited about this new chapter. We are currently in the renovation process, which we are diligently sharing on our vlog channel MeetTheDhillons and Instagram! So it still remains exciting! 🙂 And who knows, maybe next year another little heart project will come to fruition? hehe.

FIV: That sounds like a great project, have fun and success with it! Thank you so much for taking the time for us!

Sanny Kaur x CMxCreator