2.5 million views with 1 video: Long-term effect of influencer marketing – Case

2.5 million views with 1 video! Long-term impact of influencer marketing – In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, some strategies stand out for their sustainability and effectiveness. Influencer marketing has proven to be one of these strategies, especially when it comes to long-term impact on brand awareness and customer loyalty. The success of the Chassis For Men brand in collaboration with just two influencers highlights the strength of YouTube compared to platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. From our case: Chassis For Men.

What we have done for Chassis For Men

Our strategy for Chassis For Men was precise and targeted. We began by identifying suitable influencers who not only had a wide reach, but also an authentic connection with their audience. Jeremy Fragrance and Michael Smolik proved to be perfect candidates for our campaign. Our tasks included:

  • Identification of suitable influencers: selection of influencers whose audience and content match the brand
  • Communication and contract negotiations: Building a professional relationship and ensuring a fair agreement.
  • Content coordination and briefings: Ensuring that the brand’s message is conveyed clearly and appealingly.
  • Travel planning for influencers: organization of trips that support the content creatively and authentically.
  • Analysis and reporting: Evaluation of campaign results to measure success.

The results speak for themselves

The campaign achieved impressive results:

  • 2,769,402 YouTube views

In addition, the symbolic consumption of three coffees was a humorous element that emphasized the relaxed and human side of the campaign.

Jeremy Fragrance: 1,000 push ups in New York

And now to the box and traffic champion!

Michael Smolik: 2.5 million views!

Long-term effects and benefits of YouTube

These figures alone are impressive, but the long-term impact of influencer marketing, especially via YouTube, is even more significant. YouTube offers several advantages over TikTok and Instagram:

  • Longer content formatting: Enables a deeper engagement with the product and the brand.
  • Better SEO value: Content on YouTube is easier to find via search engines and remains relevant for longer.
  • Stronger connection with the audience: Influencers can build a stronger emotional connection with their audience through longer videos.

Conclusion: 5 years of power! 2.7 million + views

The campaign for Chassis For Men impressively demonstrates how carefully selected influencers and a well-thought-out strategy can achieve remarkable results. The long-term impact of influencer marketing, particularly via platforms such as YouTube, is a valuable resource for brands looking to build a lasting presence in the minds of their target audience. Compared to more ephemeral platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, YouTube provides a platform for deeper content and long-term relationships with audiences.