Influencer x Content Creator Marketing

CM Creator we combine 3 core areas: Influencer (relevance / awareness), Content Creator (content / awareness) and Performance Marketing (sales / user data).

So we don’t just provide X reach with X posts – we also sell.

Our secret? X10 Power

CM Creator combines three important areas in digital marketing: influencer, content creator and performance marketing.

  1. Influencer campaign – awareness, data collection
  2. Content Creator – Spread Out, Creative Content
  3. Performance marketing – targeting with data collection (increases interaction, engagement, sells)

Performance Step #1: Influencer Campaign

Influencers play a crucial role in increasing relevance and awareness. They have a large following on social media and can therefore reach a broad target group. Through their authenticity and credibility, they can exert a strong influence on the purchasing decisions of their followers.

Performance Step #2: Content Creator

Content creators revolve around creating content that is relevant to a specific target audience. Using engaging and entertaining content can increase awareness for a product or brand.

Performance Step #3: Performance Campaign

Performance marketing focuses on selling products and collecting user data. It helps maximize the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns by providing accurate information about which advertising channels deliver the best results.

Together, these three core areas of CM Creator form a comprehensive solution for successful digital marketing. By combining relevance, awareness, content, distribution and user data, it becomes possible to develop and implement effective and successful marketing campaigns.


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