How much does an influencer cost? Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Co.

How much does an influencer cost – In the burgeoning world of influencer marketing, the question of cost is one of the most common yet complex. The answer to this is by no means one-size-fits-all, but depends on a variety of factors that need to be carefully considered. In this article, we will highlight the various aspects that influence the pricing of influencer campaigns.

Follower count and target group matching

The number of followers an influencer has on their platform is a decisive factor when calculating costs. But that is by no means everything. Matching the influencer’s target group with your brand or product is at least as important. If the interests and demographics of the followers are a good match for your offer, the collaboration can be more effective.

Follower count and target group matching:

  1. Number of followers relevant
  2. Target group match is crucial
  3. Effective collaboration through matching interests

Engagement of the followers

While the reach of an influencer is important, the engagement of their followers plays an even greater role. It’s about how active and interactive the followers are. Likes, comments, shares and willingness to respond to calls to action are key indicators. An influencer with a smaller but highly engaged community can often achieve more than an influencer with many passive followers.

The engagement of the followers influences the price a lot, because it decides whether reach “fizzles out” or arrives and converts (from seen to bought)

Engagement of the followers:

  1. Follower activity is crucial
  2. Note likes, comments, shares
  3. Highly engaged community often more effective

Media formats, quantity and brand presence

The type of content created by an influencer is also relevant. Photos, galleries, videos, reels, stories, long or short posts – each type of content has its own pros and cons. It’s important to know what type of content best suits your brand message and what kind of results you expect.

In addition to formats and quantity, there is the brand presence, are you only part of the background or are you advertised 100%, for example with a DIY tutorial or unboxing.

Media formats and content:

  1. Note the type of content (photos, videos, etc.)
  2. Select suitable content for the brand message
  3. Consider expected results

Industry-specific differences

The costs also vary greatly depending on the industry. Channels that cover luxury watches or real estate and financing are often more expensive, even if the follower count is lower. In less competitive industries such as nutritional supplements, there are numerous influencers with varying prices.

Industry-specific differences:

  1. Note industry-specific cost differences
  2. Luxury and financial sector often more expensive
  3. Price differences in less competitive sectors

Booking options: Package prices

The type of booking also influences the costs. Do you just want a story, a few postings or perhaps even a long-term partnership as a brand ambassador? Each option has its own price, and the choice depends on your goals and budget.

Booking options:

  1. Type of booking influences the costs
  2. Various options available (story, postings, partnership)
  3. Make a choice depending on goals and budget

The price of an influencer

The price of an influencer therefore has many factors.

That’s why there is no single price per 100,000 followers or 100,000 views – at least not if you want to launch a good and successful influencer campaign.

Bonus tip! Scale with advertisements

Scale with ads – Speaking of “if you want to launch a good and successful influencer campaign”, don’t just rely on organic reach, make more people aware of your brand by combining influencer marketing and social ads.

Why UGC + Ads?

  • Data-based advertising (for example based on UGC content / views)
  • Scalable displays, more accurate cost estimation / effectiveness
  • A-B split testing to achieve the best performance
  • Integrate influencer content into advertisements

Why this attention to detail?

The reason we go into so much detail is simple: as an influencer agency, we want results. We look for channels that deliver real performance, be it in the form of leads or sales. Influencer marketing can be extremely effective when done right. By considering all of these factors, you can ensure that your investment in influencer marketing really pays off and drives your business forward.

Why this attention to detail?

  • Attention to detail leads to more effective results
  • Successful influencer marketing requires precise planning
  • Investment should bring measurable results

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