Roadshow: launch parties or influencer events – planning & agency tips

Roadshow – Whether launch party or influencer event, sometimes it has to be a little more! In the world of event marketing, there are situations where conventional approaches are not enough. Especially when launching new products, services or influencer marketing, it may be necessary to organize a roadshow. A roadshow offers a unique opportunity to reach target groups personally and create intensive interaction. Here we show you what a roadshow is, how to organize it, tips from our roadshow agency.

What is a roadshow?

You may be wondering what a roadshow is and how it can help you in your business. Quite simply, a roadshow is a special event strategy where you are physically present at different locations to present and promote your products, services or messages. Instead of having just one central event, you organize a series of events at different locations. Why? To reach a wider audience and enable personal interactions.

The best thing is that roadshows can be used in almost any industry and for different purposes. It’s all about taking your message personally and directly to the people.

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How do you organize a roadshow?

Organizing a successful roadshow requires careful planning and coordination. Here are some steps that are important when planning and implementing a roadshow:

  1. Set objectives: Clearly define the goals to be achieved with the roadshow, be it product presentation, lead generation or brand awareness
  2. Target group analysis: Understanding who the target group is and where it can best be reached
  3. Site selection: Choosing the right locations is crucial. They should suit the target group and the objectives
  4. Event planning: The events themselves must be planned in detail, including schedule, content and activities
  5. Budgeting: Create a realistic budget that takes all costs into account, from travel to event technology
  6. Promotion: Advertise the roadshow effectively to generate interest and attract participants
  7. Logistics and execution: Smooth execution of events, including transportation, technology and personnel
  8. Follow-up and analysis: Measuring the success of the roadshow and using data to improve future events

Speaking of logistics. Of course we do that too. Our owner’s roots lie in logistics, among other things, which is where he trained as a businessman. Today, we do full-service events!

Example: Roadshow for e-car manufacturers

One example of the use of a roadshow is the market launch of a new electric car. In this scenario, a roadshow could be used to present the car in person in various cities and offer test drives. This allows potential customers to experience the vehicle up close and ask questions directly to experts.

Through the targeted selection of cities and venues, manufacturers can ensure that they reach their target group and draw attention to the product.

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