Influencer in strategy

Influencer – Proportionally large social media channels / personalities with high reach and relevance to place topics.

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy in which brands and companies work with influencers, individuals with a large following on social media, to promote their products or services.

In contrast to content creators (micro influencers), influencers are even stronger brand carriers, because their image has the power to reach millions. So they are not a niche, they reach masses. Just the right thing to focus digital campaigns, to collect data quickly and to run even more effective performance campaigns.

Advantages: Role model + range

The advantages at a glance.

The biggest benefits for companies in working with influencers in referral marketing are:

  1. Range
  2. Credibility
  3. Target group approach


Influencers often have a large and engaged following that branded products can reach quickly and effectively.


Influencers are often seen as authentic and credible referrers, which can lead to higher conversion among shoppers.

Target group approach

Influencers often have a clear and well-defined audience, which allows brands to target their marketing efforts to a specific audience.

Sales promotion

Ultimately, the goal for 99% of all influencer marketing campaigns: sales or sales promotion.

Influencers can actively contribute to sales and increased sales in various ways:

  1. Product recommendations
  2. Call-to-action
  3. Affiliate links
  4. Demos and tutorials (testimonials)
  5. Sweepstakes and promotions
  6. Live Events

Product recommendations

Influencers can inform their followers about a particular product directly through their social media channels and promote it as worthwhile.


Influencers can include a clear call-to-action in their posts to directly prompt their followers to take purchase action.

Affiliate links

Influencers can provide unique affiliate links that can take their followers directly to purchase.

Demos and tutorials

Influencers can provide demonstrations and tutorials for a particular product to show its benefits and functionality.

Sweepstakes and promotions

Influencers can run sweepstakes and promotions to generate interest and buzz for a particular product.

Live Events

An event, millions of followers and online generate a little hype for that day. Perfect for product launch or annual PR events.