Story: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Co. – Stories in short videos

Story formats have made an impressive triumphant advance on various social media platforms in recent years. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other platforms, Stories offer a creative way to share short and authentic videos with your target audience. In this article, we look at the importance and success of Stories in short videos and why they have become an important part of social media strategy for businesses. Tip. Already knew, there are also as Story Ads (advertisements).

What are stories in short videos?

Stories in short videos are vertical, usually 15- to 60-second videos published in the form of stories on social media platforms. They are usually visible for 24 hours and then disappear automatically. The content can include images, videos, text, stickers, music and other interactive elements. Due to the time limit and the possibility of interaction, stories offer a dynamic and engaging way to communicate with the target group.

Why are stories so popular?

Stories have proven to be an extremely popular format for several reasons:

  • Real connections: Stories allow companies to present themselves in an authentic and approachable way. The short and spontaneous content creates a sense of authenticity and creates a deeper connection with the target group.
  • FOMO effect: The time limit on stories creates the “Fear of Missing Out” effect. Users don’t want to miss content that disappears after 24 hours, which leads to higher engagement.
  • Visual appeal: By being creative with emojis, stickers, and music, Stories become visually appealing and capture users’ attention.
  • Interactive elements: With features like polls, question stickers or swipe-ups, users can actively participate in the stories and interact with the companies.
  • Mobile usage: Because Stories are optimized for mobile usage, they seamlessly adapt to the habits of users who increasingly consume social media on their smartphones.

How do companies use stories in short videos?

Companies have recognized stories as a valuable marketing tool and use them in a variety of ways:

  • Product presentations: Companies use stories to introduce new products, demonstrate features, and gather customer feedback.
  • Behind the scenes: Stories offer an insight into everyday working life and corporate culture, which strengthens the brand image.
  • Current events: Companies can use Stories to provide information about current events, offers, or happenings.
  • Storytelling: telling stories is an effective way to evoke emotions and convey the brand message.
  • Influencer marketing: Collaborations with influencers in stories can increase reach and boost credibility.

The flexibility of Stories makes them a valuable tool for companies’ social media strategy to build an active and engaged community and embed the brand in the minds of the target audience.

Whether on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or other platforms, Stories in short videos offer a unique opportunity to reach the target audience with authentic and creative content. Their popularity and opportunities for interaction have made them an essential part of social media strategy for businesses and a key contributor to the success of marketing efforts.