30 Tips for Viral TikToks

30 Tips for Viral TikToks – In the world of TikTok, a platform known for its short and entertaining videos, many users strive to go viral and reach a wide audience. To achieve this goal, it is important to know some proven strategies and techniques. From choosing current trending topics to using engaging thumbnails to incorporating your personality, there are a variety of tips that can help you go viral.

In this article, we’ll share 30 tips for viral TikToks and how you can successfully integrate them into your own content. Let’s explore together how you can grab viewers’ attention and make your TikTok videos a viral hit. Tips from our TikTok agency for your next posts! You can also find more TikTok tips here.

The best tips quickly explained

If it must go quickly, briefly summarized the best tips!

Tip Briefly explained
Choose trend themes Use current trends for more reach
Appealing thumbnails Create attractive thumbnails for your videos
Show personality Express your unique side
Captivating beginning Gain attention with a strong start
Good lighting Make sure the lighting is appropriate
Suitable music Choose music that fits the mood of your video
Effective hashtags Use relevant hashtags for more visibility
Adding subtitles Make your videos accessible to all
Tell a story Captivate the audience with an exciting storyline
Use visual effects Increase the appeal of your videos with effects

Tip 1: Choose a current trend theme

Explanation: To increase the chance of virality, you should search for current trends on TikTok and choose a topic that is popular at the moment. By participating in popular trends, you can achieve a wider reach and increase your chances of virality.

Tip 2: Use appealing thumbnails

Rationale: The thumbnail of your TikTok video is the first thing users see. So make it appealing and interesting to grab viewers’ attention. Use clear images, crisp text, or eye-catching visual elements to get users to click on your video.

Tip 3: Express your personality

Explanation: TikTok is a platform where individuality and personality are valued. Be authentic and show your unique side. Use your voice, facial expressions and gestures to stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience.

Tip 4: Create a captivating beginning

Rationale: The first few seconds of your TikTok video are crucial to grabbing viewers’ attention. Make sure the beginning is captivating and arouses curiosity. Use visual effects, exciting music, or a surprising introduction to engage viewers and motivate them to keep watching.

Tip 5: Go for good lighting and image quality

Explanation: Good lighting and image quality are critical to the success of your TikTok videos. Make sure the room is sufficiently lit to capture clear and visible footage. Avoid shaky or blurry videos, as they can put off viewers.

Tip 6: Use music that fits the video

Explanation: Music plays an important role on TikTok. Choose a song that fits well with the theme and mood of your video. Popular and trendy music can help your video go viral and be used by other users in the background.

Tip 7: Use hashtags selectively

Rationale: Hashtags are an important factor on TikTok to increase the visibility of your videos. Use relevant hashtags that match your content and are often used by the community. Search for trending hashtags and add them to your videos to increase the chance of virality.

Tip 8: Add subtitles

Rationale: Subtitles can help make your videos accessible to a wider audience. By adding subtitles, even users who have the sound turned off or are hard of hearing can understand your content. This increases the likelihood that your video will be shared and go viral.

Tip 9: Tell a story

Explanation: Stories have the ability to captivate people and arouse emotions. Use TikTok to tell a short but compelling story. Make sure you have a clear beginning, an interesting development, and a surprising or satisfying ending to engage viewers and motivate them to share your video.

Tip 10: Use visual effects

Rationale: Visual effects can make your TikTok videos more interesting and engaging. Experiment with filters, transitions, time-lapses, or other visual effects to grab viewers’ attention and make your video stand out from the crowd.

Tip 11: Participate in challenges

Explanation: TikTok is known for its numerous challenges. Participate in popular challenges by contributing your own creative interpretation. By participating in challenges, you can increase your reach and potentially get mentioned or tagged by other users in their videos.

Tip 12: Be creative and original

Rationale: Creativity and originality are critical to going viral on TikTok. Try to create unique and innovative content that doesn’t exist on the platform yet. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild to surprise and delight viewers.

Tip 13: Use humorous elements

Explanation: Humor is an important part of viral TikToks. Use humorous elements like puns, funny gestures or funny scenes to make viewers laugh. Good humor and entertainment are keys to success on TikTok.

Tip 14: Incorporate user interactions

Rationale: User interactions can increase the engagement and reach of your TikTok videos. Engage viewers in your videos by asking them to comment, like, or share. Ask questions, solicit opinions, or challenge them to mimic something specific. This will make them more active and more inclined to share your video.

Tip 15: Work together with other TikTokers

Rationale: Collaborations with other TikTokers can help expand your reach and reach new audiences. Look for other TikTok users who create similar content or have a similar audience and suggest a collaboration. By creating videos together or tagging each other in your content, you can benefit from each other and increase the chances of virality.

Tip 16: Publish new content regularly

Rationale: Continuity is important on TikTok to build and maintain an audience. Try to post new content regularly to maintain your presence on the platform. Use the TikTok algorithm to your advantage by staying consistently active and uploading your videos regularly.

Tip 17: Use emotions to connect

Rationale: Emotion is a powerful driver for sharing content. Try to evoke emotions like joy, surprise, compassion, or excitement in your TikTok videos. When your content evokes an emotional response, viewers are more likely to share it.

Tip 18: Use the “Duet” feature

Rationale: The “Duet” feature on TikTok allows you to respond to or parody an existing video. Use this feature to connect with other TikTok users, give credit to their content, or present your own creative interpretation. Duets often have the potential to go viral and be discovered by a larger community.

Tip 19: Share helpful tips and tutorials

Explanation: Helpful tips and tutorials are very popular on TikTok. Share your knowledge on a particular topic, show useful hacks, or give practical advice. Viewers appreciate content that adds value to them and are more likely to share and recommend it.

Tip 20: Use moments of surprise

Rationale: Surprise moments can grab viewers’ attention on TikTok and set your video apart from others. Use unexpected twists, unusual storylines, or surprising revelations to pique viewers’ curiosity and motivate them to share your video.

Tip 21: Create short and concise videos

Explanation: TikTok videos have a limited length of 60 seconds or less. Keep your videos short and concise to avoid overwhelming viewers’ attention spans. Focus on the essentials and avoid unnecessary length to ensure your message is delivered quickly and effectively.

Tip 22: Take advantage of current events and holidays

Rationale: Current events, holidays, or special occasions provide opportunities to create relevant content that the TikTok community will love to share. Use these opportunities to produce creative videos that are related to current events. This will increase the chances of your content going viral and being discovered by other users.

Tip 23: Make sure the sound quality is good

Rationale: Sound quality is an important aspect of ensuring that viewers get the most out of your content. Use an external microphone or make sure the audio is clear and crisp to minimize background noise. High-quality audio increases the professionalism of your videos and can help them go viral.

Tip 24: Use visual surprises

Rationale: Visual surprises can intrigue viewers and get them to share your TikTok video. Use sudden visual effects, cuts, or unexpected actions to build excitement and surprise into your videos. If your content is unpredictable and exciting, the likelihood of it going viral increases.

Tip 25: Make sure the processing is fast

Rationale: TikTok is known for its fast cuts and dynamic editing techniques. Make sure your videos have a good rhythm and keep viewers’ attention. Cut out unnecessary pauses or boring sections to provide a quick and entertaining experience.

Tip 26: Use strong emotions

Rationale: Strong emotions like joy, sadness, fear, or euphoria have a strong viral effect on TikTok. Try to create content that evokes an emotional response, whether it’s funny scenes, heartwarming stories, or exciting moments. Strong emotions motivate viewers to share your videos and interact with others.

Tip 27: Stick to TikTok standards

Explanation: TikTok has certain guidelines and standards that must be followed to be successful on the platform. Be careful not to use copyrighted content, spread hate speech, or violate the terms of service. By following the guidelines, you’ll secure your presence on TikTok and increase your chances of going viral.

Tip 28: Publish at the best time

Rationale: The publishing time of your TikTok videos can have an impact on their virality. Analyze the activity times of your target audience and publish your content at the times when most users are online. This increases the likelihood that your video will be seen and shared by a larger number of users.

Tip 29: Build in a strong introduction

Rationale: The introduction of your TikTok video is critical to grabbing viewers’ attention. Make sure the first few seconds are captivating and pique viewers’ interest. Use visual elements, exciting music, or an interesting hook to motivate viewers to keep watching.

Tip 30: Respond to comments and interactions

Rationale: Interactions with your audience are very important on TikTok to build a loyal fan base. Take time to respond to comments, answer questions, and engage with viewers. This shows that you care about your community and increases the chances that they will share and recommend your content.

Bottom line: this is how you go viral on TikTok!

With these 30 tips for viral TikToks, you’ll have a solid foundation for being successful on TikTok. From choosing the right trending topics to using thumbnails to incorporating your personality and building a strong community, all of these aspects play an important role. Stay creative, authentic and engage with your audience to increase the chances of your TikToks going viral and being discovered by a wide audience. Put these tips into action and have fun creating your TikTok content!

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