27 tips for more comments on Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform for sharing images and stories, but engagement in the form of comments can be a challenge. To get more interaction with your followers, we’ve put together 27 insider tips. From using questions and call-to-actions to sharing user-generated content to using story stickers and geotags, these tips will help you get more comments on Instagram. Dive in and discover strategies to increase your engagement and build an active community. Tips from our Instagram agency for your next posts! You can also find more Instagram tips here.

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Tip Briefly explained
Use questions Questions in captions encourage followers to interact and leave comments.
Use CTAs Call-to-actions encourage followers to leave comments or tag friends.
Tell stories Use images to tell a compelling story and encourage followers to comment.
Show personality Be authentic and show your personality to connect with your audience.
Respond to comments Reply to comments to encourage engagement from your followers and attract more comments.
Use hashtags wisely Use relevant hashtags to make your posts accessible to a wider audience.
Link other users Link other Instagram users in your posts to get their attention and comments.
Use story question stickers Use question stickers in your Instagram Stories to get direct comments from your followers.
Hosted Instagram contests Host contests or giveaways where leaving comments is a condition of entry.
Share user-generated content Share posts from your followers to acknowledge their creativity and generate comments.

1. use questions in your captions

By including questions in your captions, you encourage your followers to leave comments and actively participate in the conversation. Ask open-ended questions that are thought-provoking and encourage discussion.

2. use call-to-actions (CTAs)

A call-to-action is a clear instruction to your followers to perform a specific action. Use CTAs like “Share your opinion in the comments” or “Tag a friend who should see this” to motivate them to interact.

3. tell a story with your pictures

People love stories. Use your Instagram images to tell a story and pique the curiosity of your followers. When you make an emotional connection, they’re more likely to leave comments to express their thoughts and feelings.

4. show your personality

Be authentic and show your personality in your posts. The more genuine you are, the more interaction and comments you will receive from your followers. Build a relationship with your audience and encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions.

5. respond to comments

If your followers have already left comments, respond to them! By responding to comments, you show that you value their opinions and are engaged in their interaction. This also encourages others to get involved and leave comments themselves.

6. use hashtags wisely

Hashtags can help your posts be discovered by a wider audience. Use relevant hashtags that describe your content and fit your target audience. This will increase the likelihood that people will notice your posts and leave comments.

7. link other Instagram users

Link to other Instagram users in your posts, especially if they appear in them or you mention them. This way, those users will receive a notification about the link and may be encouraged to leave a comment.

8. use story question stickers

In Instagram Stories, you can use question stickers to get comments directly from your followers. Ask a question in your Story and add the question sticker to gather answers and start the conversation with your audience.

9. host Instagram contests

Host contests or giveaways on Instagram that require participants to leave a comment to enter. This increases the chances of getting more comments, while also increasing the engagement and reach of your posts.

10. parts user-generated content

Share posts from your followers in which they tag you or use your hashtags. This shows appreciation for their creativity and encourages them to keep posting and leaving comments.

11. use emojis

Emojis can add a playful and emotional component to your posts. They’re an easy way to amplify your message and get your followers’ attention, which can lead to more comments.

12. share interesting facts or tips

Share interesting facts or useful tips in your posts that appeal to your followers. If you provide valuable information, they will be more inclined to respond and share their thoughts.

13. cooperate with other influencers

Team up with other influencers who have a similar target audience and perform joint actions, such as guest posts or joint live streams. This will help you reach their audience and possibly get new comments from their followers.

14. use story interaction tools

Instagram Stories provide you with various interactive features like polls, quizzes or sliders. Use these tools to increase your followers’ engagement and get comments.

15. use geotags

Use geotags to mark the location of your posts. This allows you to reach local followers and also be found by other users who are interested in that location. This can lead to more comments, especially from people who have a connection to the geographic location.

16. publish high quality and engaging content

Make sure your posts are of high quality and look visually appealing. Make sure you have good lighting, interesting compositions, and an aesthetically pleasing design to pique your followers’ interest and get them to leave comments.

17. parts behind the scenes insights

Give your followers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your life or work. This creates closeness and transparency, which can lead to more comments and a more intense interaction.

18. create a community

Create a community on Instagram by building an active and engaged following. Make sure you respond to comments, initiate conversations, and foster a positive and supportive environment. People will be more inclined to participate and leave comments if they feel like they are part of a community.

19. use Instagram Live

Go live on Instagram and interact with your followers in real time. Answer their questions, lead discussions, and encourage them to leave comments. The direct conversation can increase engagement and lead to more comments.

20. use Instagram TV (IGTV)

Use IGTV to share longer videos with valuable content. Through high-quality and informative videos, you can capture the interest of your followers and encourage them to share their thoughts and comments.

21. post regularly

Consistency is key on Instagram. Post regularly and keep your followers up to date. This will keep you in their consciousness and increase the likelihood that they will respond to your posts and leave comments.

22. use Instagram Reels

Create fun and creative Instagram reels. Use the features like music, effects and texts to attract attention and get your followers to leave comments.

23. use Instagram Story Highlights

Create Story Highlights to permanently save past stories to your profile. Add highlights that are of interest to your followers and encourage them to comment.

24. show your expertise

Share your knowledge and expertise on a particular topic or niche. When your followers see that you are a trusted source of information, they will be more inclined to share their opinions and questions in the comments.

25. parts funny content

People love humorous content. Share funny pictures, videos, or memes to put smiles on your followers’ faces. Laughter creates connection and encourages them to leave comments to share their reactions.

26. use influencer marketing

Work with influencers who fit your target audience and ask them to respond to your posts and leave comments. An influencer recommendation can increase engagement and lead to more comments.

27. create exciting image galleries

Share a series of images as a kind of story or collage. This can be achieved through a cohesive visual style, a continuous storyline, or a thematic connection between the images. Such image galleries generate curiosity and encourage your followers to leave comments to express their thoughts on various aspects of the gallery.

Conclusion: How do I get more comments and interaction on Instagram?

Overall, there are a variety of strategies to get more comments on Instagram. By asking questions, using call-to-actions, sharing user-generated content, and encouraging interaction in stories and live videos, you can increase engagement with your audience. Stay authentic, respond to comments, and build an active community for long-term success.

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