Product marketing: Create with strategy! Tasks, campaign & example

Product marketing – Product marketing is an essential part of successfully marketing a product or service. It encompasses a variety of tasks and strategies aimed at effectively positioning the product, appealing to the target audience and increasing sales. In this article, we will take a closer look at product marketing and highlight the most important aspects, tasks and examples.

What is a product in the marketing sense?

In the marketing sense, a product is considered a good or service that meets the needs and desires of customers and provides added value. It can be both physical, such as a product that can be touched, and intangible, such as software or a service. Product marketing is about positioning this product successfully on the market and making it attractive to the target group.

What do you do in product marketing?

Product marketing is about highlighting the unique features and benefits of a product and presenting it in a way that appeals to the needs and desires of the target audience. This includes the following tasks:

  • Market analysis and target group definition
  • Development of marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Creation of product messages and positioning
  • Pricing and distribution channel strategies
  • Competitive analysis and differentiating features
  • Development of marketing materials and sales support
  • Introduction of new products on the market
  • Monitoring and analysis of sales figures and success

What belongs to product marketing?

Product marketing includes everything that serves to make the product known, convince potential customers and increase sales. This includes:

  • Market research and analysis of customer needs
  • Creation of a clear positioning and message for the product
  • Development of marketing materials and sales tools
  • Planning and implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Pricing and offer design
  • Sales channel management and coordination
  • Introduction and market launch of new products
  • Observation and analysis of market trends and competitors

What does a marketing agency do?

A marketing agency is a company that provides professional services in the field of marketing and advertising. It assists companies in developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns. A marketing agency can handle various product marketing tasks, such as creating marketing materials, planning and executing campaigns, conducting market research, developing a product message, and more. Marketing agencies often have expertise and experience in various industries and can help companies successfully position their products in the market and increase sales.

Example: Introduction of the iPhone from Apple

An example of successful product marketing is the launch of Apple’s iPhone. Apple emphasized the product’s ease of use, elegant design and innovative features. The marketing campaigns focused on the needs of the target group and positioned the iPhone as a must-have device for modern, technology-savvy people.

The use of slogans such as “The Internet in your pocket” and “A revolutionary cell phone” helped to highlight the unique features of the product and capture the interest of customers. The iPhone became a huge success and revolutionized the cell phone industry.