Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) explained in marketing + free 🔢 calculator

Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) is an important metric in marketing that measures the effectiveness of advertising spend. ROAS allows companies to assess how much revenue they generate from their advertising investments. This metric is particularly relevant for digital marketing channels such as online advertising and social media marketing, where tracking spend and revenue is easier. Discover even more KPI & marketing calculators here.

Meaning: Definition in marketing

ROAS measures the relationship between the revenue generated by advertising spend and the actual cost of advertising. It shows how many euros of revenue a company has generated for every euro of advertising spend. A ROAS of 1 means that the company has generated exactly the same amount of revenue as its advertising spend. A ROAS above 1 indicates that the company generated more revenue than it spent on advertising.

Calculation: Calculate ROAS

The calculation of Return on Advertising Spend is simple. You take the revenue generated by the advertising and divide it by the cost of the advertising. The formula is:

ROAS = Revenue from advertising / advertising spend

To illustrate, let’s say a company has spent 2,000 euros on a Google Ads campaign, generating sales of 10,000 euros. Then the ROAS is:

ROAS = 10,000 euros / 2,000 euros = 5

ROAS Calculator

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Meaning of the ROAS calculation

ROAS is a crucial metric for measuring the efficiency of advertising spend. It shows how profitable the advertising was and whether the investments in marketing campaigns made a positive financial contribution to the company. A ROAS above 1 indicates that the advertising spend was profitable because the company generated more revenue than it spent on advertising. A ROAS below 1 indicates that advertising spend has not exceeded revenue and may require a review or optimization of the marketing strategy.

Example: ROAS optimization

An e-commerce company wants to improve the ROAS of its Facebook advertising campaign. The cost of the ads was 5,000 euros and the revenue generated was 25,000 euros. The current ROAS is:

ROAS = 25,000 euros / 5,000 euros = 5

The company decides to test different ad variations and audiences to optimize advertising performance. A/B testing identifies more effective ads that increase conversion rates. As a result, sales increase to 30,000 euros and ROAS improves to:

ROAS = 30,000 euros / 5,000 euros = 6

Optimization of the Facebook ad campaign resulted in higher ROAS, indicating that ad spend has become more profitable and viable.

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