30 tips for Instagram photos

30 Tips for Instagram Photos – Instagram has become a powerful platform for showcasing products and brands and building an engaged community. Whether you’re a fashion, beauty, automotive, smartphone, beverage or food company, stunning photos are key to success on Instagram. This article presents 30 practical tips to create stunning Instagram photos.

From the use of natural lighting to optimal image composition, we cover several areas that will help you improve your photography and build a strong presence on Instagram. Tips from our Instagram agency for your next posts! You can also find more Instagram tips here.

The best tips quickly explained

If it must go quickly, briefly explained the best tips!

Use natural lighting Use natural light for an authentic and atmospheric atmosphere
Pay attention to image composition Use composition rules like the golden ratio or the rule of thirds
Tell visual stories Use a series of images to tell a continuous story
Games with perspectives Experiment with unusual angles and camera positions
Use emotions Create emotions to connect with your target audience
Work with influencers Cooperate with influencers or well-known personalities to increase your reach
Use negative spaces Use empty areas in the image to emphasize the main subject and create visual balance
Set on seasonal themes Use current seasonal events or holidays as a source of inspiration
Show product use Showcase your products in action to illustrate the benefits and advantages
Games with textures Incorporate interesting textures into your photos to give them an extra dimension


Tip 1: Use natural lighting

Shoot near windows or outside to get soft and flattering light. Avoid harsh, artificial light as it can cause shadows and reflections. Natural light creates a pleasant mood and makes colors pop.

Example: A fashion company can create an outfit photo with a person standing near a window, illuminated by natural light. The soft light emphasizes the details of the outfit and creates a warm atmosphere.

Tip 2: Play with shadows

Use interesting shadow patterns to add depth and drama to your photos. Experiment with different light sources and see how the shadows can complement your subjects. Shadows can create a certain mysterious and artistic atmosphere.

Tip 3: Show details

Focus on interesting details to attract the viewer’s attention. Emphasize unique textures, patterns, or features of your subject. Details can tell a story and create interest.

Example: to pique the interest of potential buyers, an automotive company might take a close-up photo of a vehicle’s sleek lines and details to emphasize its distinctive features.

Tip 4: Experiment with perspectives

Try different angles and perspectives to get more interesting photos. You can shoot from a bird’s eye view, frog’s eye view, or side view. An unusual perspective can enhance the effect of a photo and make it stand out from others.

Example: A smartphone company can take a product photo from a bird’s eye view to highlight the modern design and feature arrangement. A different perspective can add a creative touch to the photo.

Tip 5: Use symmetry and patterns

Symmetry and pattern can have a strong visual impact and make a photo look harmonious. Look for symmetrical elements in your subject or arrange objects in a way that creates a pattern.

Tip 6: Play with colors

Colors have a strong emotional impact and can influence the mood of a photo. Experiment with different color palettes and choose colors that suit your subject and the atmosphere you want to create.

Example: With an impressive photo of a diverse selection of bright fruits and vegetables, a food company can convey a sense of freshness and appetite. The vibrant colors awaken the senses and invite people to immerse themselves in the delicious world of natural products.

Tip 7: Use interesting backgrounds

Choose a background that complements your subject and is interesting. It can be a texture, a wall, a landscape or an architectural detail. A well-chosen background can enhance the photo and give it a unique atmosphere.

Example: A fashion company can take an outfit photo in front of a graffiti sprayed wall. The colorful background gives the photo an urban and trendy touch.

Tip 8: Use props

Add props that match your subject and give it an extra visual layer. Props can help tell a story or make the photo more interesting.

Example: A beauty company can take a photo of makeup products surrounded by flowers. The flowers serve as props and give the photo a romantic and playful mood.

Tip 9: Experiment with image details

Try different crops to focus on specific elements and create a dynamic composition. Play with close-ups, wide shots, and detail shots to present different perspectives.

Tip 10: Create movement

Capture motion by showing your subject in action or by moving elements in the background. Movement creates dynamism and brings a photo to life.

Tip 11: Use contrasts

Contrasts create visual interest and make a photo exciting. Experiment with contrasts in colors, textures, sizes, or styles.

Example: To create a visual dynamic, a beverage company can create a photo that shows an ice-cold drink against a warm, sunlit background. The contrast between the refreshing coolness of the drink and the radiant warmth of the background creates an intriguing effect.

Tip 12: Work with frames

Use natural frames or create artificial frames to highlight your subject. Frames can be plants, doors, windows, or architectural elements.

Example: A food company can take a photo of a delicious dish framed by a natural frame of drooping branches or leaves. The frame draws the eye to the food and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Tip 13: Use reflections

Reflections can create an interesting visual effect. Look for surfaces like water, mirrors, or glass that can create reflections and incorporate them into your photos.

Example: a fashion company may take a photo that shows a person standing in a puddle with an outfit that is interestingly distorted by the reflections in the water.

Tip 14: Work with blur

Blurring can create a beautiful aesthetic effect and draw focus to certain elements. Play with depth of field by deliberately blurring the foreground or background.

Example: By deliberately blurring the background, a beauty company can create a photo of a fascinating makeup look, artfully drawing the focus to the face and eyes. This creates a harmonious staging that brings the beauty and expressiveness of the makeup to the fore.

Tip 15: Pay attention to image composition

Use the basic rules of image composition such as the golden ratio, the rule of thirds, or symmetry to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing photo.

Tip 16: Create flatlays

Flatlays are photos where the objects are arranged from above on a flat surface. They are good for presenting products or arrangements in a stylish way.

Example: a smartphone company can create a flatlay photo showing the smartphone, headphones, a cup of coffee and a plant to convey a stylish lifestyle.

Tip 17: Use negative space

Negative spaces are empty or blank areas in a photo. Use them deliberately to highlight your subject and create visual balance.

Example: to draw attention to the product and create a minimalist aesthetic, a beverage company might create a photo with the bottle placed in an otherwise empty space.

Tip 18: Go for seasonal themes

Use current seasonal events or holidays to inspire your photo theme and connect to the mood of the moment.

Example: a food company can take a photo of a summer cocktail and complement it with summer elements such as sunglasses or a beach backdrop to convey the summer mood.

Tip 19: Use lifestyle scenes

Create photos that show the product or brand in a realistic everyday situation. Lifestyle scenes help viewers identify with the product.

Example: A fashion company may take a photo of a person casually walking in the city wearing the brand’s clothes.

Tip 20: Show the manufacturing process

Give a glimpse into the manufacturing process of your product. Show photos of production or craftsmanship to pique viewers’ interest and emphasize authenticity.

Example: a beauty company can show photos of artisans making handmade soaps to convey the quality and care behind the products.

Tip 21: Create visual stories

Tell a story or evoke an emotional response with your photos. Use a series of images to create a continuous narrative.

Example: an automotive company can make a photo series showing a family’s journey through different landscapes, conveying a sense of freedom and adventure.

Tip 22: Work with influencers

Collaborate with influencers or celebrities who appeal to your target audience to showcase your products or brand. Use their reach and authenticity to reach new audiences.

Example: a smartphone company may partner with a popular travel blogger who uses the smartphone on his travels and showcases the features in his posts.

Tip 23: Show behind-the-scenes insights

Share photos that give a behind-the-scenes look. Show the work process, the team or special moments to create transparency and trust.

Tip 24: Use user-generated content

Encourage your followers to create content with your products and share it on your profile. User-generated content strengthens the bond with your community and provides an authentic experience.

Example: A food company can launch a promotion where customers share their own recipes using the products. The best submissions can then be featured on the company profile.

Tip 25: Experiment with perspectives

Try unusual perspectives to create interesting and unexpected angles. Use different camera angles or play with height differences.

Tip 26: Use natural lighting

Pay attention to the lighting when taking photos. Natural light gives the images an authentic and warm atmosphere. Use the different times of day to capture different lighting moods.

Tip 27: Play with textures

Incorporate interesting textures into your photos to give them an extra visual dimension. This can be fabrics, surfaces or natural elements.

Example: an automotive company may take a photo of a car where the paint is interestingly altered by the reflection of a neighboring texture.

Tip 28: Use emotions

Create emotions in your photos to connect with your target audience. Show joy, excitement, relaxation or other feelings.

Example: a smartphone company may take a photo showing a person taking a selfie with a bright smile to convey the joy of taking photos and using the smartphone.

Tip 29: Show product usage

Showcase your products in action or in use to illustrate the benefits and advantages to viewers.

Tip 30: Use symbols and icons

Incorporate symbols or iconic elements associated with your brand or product to create visual recognition.

Example: a food company may take a photo showing the product against a background of stylized fruit and vegetable symbols to emphasize the healthy and natural origin of the product.

Conclusion: Successful Instagram photos

With the 30 tips presented here, you can take your Instagram photography to the next level. The right lighting, creative composition, and use of emotion will help showcase your brand effectively and build an engaged community.

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