Marketing Calculator: Calculate KPIs for free + free 🔢 calculator

Marketing calculator free of charge – Do you want to tap the full potential of your marketing strategy? Our custom KPI calculators give you the ability to quickly and easily calculate crucial metrics. From customer acquisition to conversion rate, we have the tools you need to maximize the success of your marketing efforts. Discover how our calculators can help you optimize spend, increase efficiency, and boost audience engagement!

CAC Calculator: Determine costs for customer acquisition

The CAC calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate the cost you need to acquire a new customer. Analyze your marketing expenses and optimize your customer acquisition to grow more efficiently.

CPC calculator: determine cost per click

The CPC calculator helps you determine the average price per click on your ads. Use this information to improve your online advertising strategy and get more out of your budget.

CPL Calculator: Calculate cost per lead

Use the CPL calculator to determine the cost per lead generated. Use these insights to optimize your lead generation and attract high-quality prospects.

CPM calculator: analyze costs per thousand impressions

The CPM calculator helps you analyze the cost per thousand ad impressions. Optimize your ad campaigns and increase the visibility of your ads.

CR Calculator: Evaluate conversion rate

The CR Calculator allows you to calculate your conversion rate. Understand the ratio of conversions to visitors and improve your sales strategy.

CTR calculator: Determine click-through rate

Use the CTR calculator to determine your click-through rate. Find out how often users click on your ads and adjust your ads to get more interactions.

ER Calculator: Analyze Engagement Rate

With the ER Calculator you can calculate your engagement rate. Determine the interest of your target audience in your content and increase the interaction.

LDCR Calculator: Measure Lead-to-Deal Conversion Rate

Use the LDCR calculator to measure your lead-to-deal conversion rate. Optimize your sales process and increase lead conversion efficiency.

ROI Calculator: Determine Return on Investment

The ROI calculator allows you to determine your return on investment. Analyze the profitability of your marketing activities and make informed business decisions.

ROAS Calculator: Calculate Return on Advertising Spend

With the ROAS Calculator you can calculate your Return on Advertising Spend. Find out how profitable your advertising spend is and optimize your advertising strategy.

SOV Calculator: Compare Share of Voice

Use the SOV calculator to analyze your share of voice compared to competitors. Improve your market presence and increase the perception of your brand.